How was Skillshub built?

Ghost blogging

Learn about Ghost, an incredibly simple blogging tool that I used to write all the posts in Skillshub - click here to know more

The Experience Blog

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To pick up some skills they didn't teach you in school, click here

Why was Skillshub Created?

I love helping people and a while ago it occurred to me that perhaps I should share my experiences of working as a web engineer, entrepreneur, business owner and expat in Asia for over 25 years.

At the time I was too busy running the Software Development company AskMorris Inc. but as I retired and freed up more time I dedicated myself to building this resource.

When running a company and working as an entrepreneur for years, one tend to pick up a broad amount of skills. These are usually skills they don't teach you in school.

Skillshub covers web development, blogging, web analytics, business, networking skills, hiring, firing, marketing strategy, miscellaneous technologies and anything else I've picked up over the years.

Who is it for?

Any small business owner that wants to survive in this new digital century

How to use Skillshub

Skillshub and all it's sister sites contain articles, infographs, e-books, courses and anything else that can help you improve skills in the technical arena but also in the business and social scene.

  • The Ghost site teaches you about the amazing blogging tool Ghost. That is the tool used to write all these Skillshub articles.

  • The Experience Blog contains articles that cover a a large amount of topics. E.g.

    • how to setup a good backup solution
    • how to network and improve your social skills
    • how to follow up on leads

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